Trilift Face: The New Facial Muscle Stimulation Treatment

For patients seeking a nonsurgical face lift option, the Trilift treatment is a groundbreaking solution. It combines advanced technologies to rejuvenate and tighten facial skin.

This noninvasive approach leverages the power of microneedling, radiofrequency, and muscle stimulation to address signs of aging.

Ideally, candidates for Trilift are individuals experiencing mild to moderate skin laxity and seeking to enhance skin tone, texture, and overall facial contour.

Dr. Amir Ghaznavi, a dual board-certified plastic surgeon at AMG Plastic Surgery, was one of the first providers in Northern Virginia to carry this innovative device. In this article, Dr. Ghaznavi answers some of the frequently asked questions about this new treatment.

What specific skin concerns does Trilift target, and how does it address them?

Trilift treatment addresses a broad spectrum of skin concerns. Including:

  • Signs of facial aging, such as moderate facial wrinkles, sagging skin
  • Delicate lines on the face
  • Dropping skin of the lower face and neck
  • Jowls of the jawline
  • Lack of skin tone

The Trilift treatment area includes the cheeks, jawline, neck, and perioral region, which are the root cause of the aged face.

How Does the Trilift address these?

Utilizing advanced hybrid energy technology, a Trilift treatment promotes collagen production. It stimulates muscle tone in the facial muscles through a synergistic approach combining dynamic muscle stimulation, Tripollar radiofrequency energy (RF energy), and microneelding therapy.

This multifaceted method encourages facial rejuvenation and tightens and tones the facial muscles, resulting in a more youthful appearance and natural skin texture.

Can you explain the technology behind Trilift and how it differs from other treatments?

The technology underpinning Trilift treatments is distinguished by its innovative hybrid approach that uniquely integrates dynamic muscle stimulation (DMS), Tripollar radiofrequency (RF) energy, and microneedling therapy.

How does it work?

Dynamic Muscle Stimulation: DMS actively enhances facial muscles via electrical stimulation to stimulate healthy muscles. Facial muscles weaken over time, and the muscle stimulation treatment causes muscle conditioning, which tightens and elevates the overlying structures. Facial muscle stimulation is the foundation for the facial treatment.

Tighter muscle = tighter skin.

Microneedling: Microneedling, on the other hand, creates micro-injuries on the skin surface, triggering the body’s production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid in the dermal layer.

More collegen= Better skin texture 

Radiofrequency (RF) energy: Tripollar RF energy gently heats the skin’s layers to stimulate collagen production, which is essential for skin elasticity and firmness. The penetration of RF energy is done using the specialty handle piece at the same time as the delivery of DMS or microneedling.

More Heat = tighter skin

The science behind the technology

The cumulative effects of the technologies above have been shown in both ex vivo study results on a human skin model and actual clinical results [Haim Kaplan & Andrea Gat,. Clinical and histopathological results following TriPollar™ Radiofrequency skin treatments, journal of cosmetic and laser therapy 2009; 11: 78–84, Boisnic S, Branchet MC. Ex-vivo study of hybrid energy technology using a human skin model. Eur J Dermatol 2014; 24(1): 46-52]. These studies translate into actual clinical results with fewer fine lines.

Put it all together 

This combination provides a non invasive treatment alternative to traditional general surgical or dermatological procedures. It ensures a more holistic therapy by addressing skin concerns both at the surface and muscular levels.

Only for some…

Patients with severe medical conditions, those with metal implants in the head and neck, or those with implanted electronic devices are contraindicated from undergoing a trilift treatment.

How soon can someone expect to see results after undergoing Trilift treatment?

First Treatment 

Individual experiences with a Trilift treatment may vary, but many patients observe noticeable improvements in skin texture and firmness immediately after the first treatment with minimal discomfort. 

Natural volume returns to the facial structure, and patients report that their cheek bones feel higher.

Number of treatments 

To achieve the best outcome, serial treatments are recommended. The full benefits become more evident within 2 to 4 months as the skin’s natural production of collagen, hyaluronic acid, and elastin continues to increase.

The treatment’s cumulative effect means that with each subsequent session, these initial results become more pronounced, significantly enhancing overall facial aesthetics.

How many sessions of Trilift are typically recommended for optimal results?

Number of sessions 

For optimal results with Trilift, Dr. Ghaznavi typically recommends a series of 3 to 5 sessions. The number of sessions may vary based on skin conditions, healthy muscles’ response to DMS, and the desired youthful appearance.

Length of each session

Each session lasts 30 to 45 minutes and is done without any local or topical anesthesia. The treatment provider delivers a relaxing spa-like experience using these unique Lumenis energy-based treatments.

Timing between sessions

An additional treatment session is usually spaced about 1 to 2 weeks apart, allowing the skin sufficient time to recover and begin the new process of forming new collagen and elastin in the dermal layer stimulated by the treatment.

During these intervals, the skin’s quality progressively improves, reinforcing the benefits of each subsequent session. Facial muscles love the workout!

Maintenance sessions 

After completing the initial series, maintenance sessions every 6 to 12 months can help preserve the rejuvenating effects and continue to combat the signs of aging.

Like going to the gym or building a home…..

Commitment to facial tightening with Triflift through repeated muscle contraction is achieved over time. As with any workout, consistency is critical to achieving the desired results.

Just as one wouldn’t expect to have toned muscles after only one trip to the gym or have a fully built home after just one day of construction, multiple sessions of Trilift are needed for optimal and long-lasting results.

Is there any special post-treatment care or maintenance required after undergoing Trilift?

After undergoing a Trilift treatment, patients are usually advised to follow a simple yet effective post-treatment care regimen to enhance and maintain the results. Patients will experience skin redness after procedures that provide a natural glow to the skin.

Immediate Post Procedure

Immediate care involves keeping the just the skin hydrated and protected from sun exposure with a high-SPF sunscreen, as the skin might be more susceptible to UV damage post-treatment.

It’s also recommended that you avoid using harsh skincare products or undergoing other facial treatments for a short period to allow the skin to recover fully.

Long term Care

Long-term maintenance includes a consistent, gentle skincare routine focused on hydration and nourishment to support the skin’s natural regeneration.

In addition, it is essential to follow a healthy lifestyle and avoid excessive sun exposure, smoking, and other factors that prematurely age the face.

Interested in Learning More about Dynamic Muscle Stimulation for your Facial Muscles?

Those considering the benefits of nonsurgical facial rejuvenation should come in for a consultation with Dr. Amir Ghaznavi at AMG Plastic Surgery in Herndon, VA, about the Trilift treatment.

During the consultation, he’ll discuss the treatment process, expected outcomes, and any questions or concerns you may have. Dr. Ghaznavi can provide personalized advice, including an assessment of your specific skin condition and aesthetic goals.

By ensuring that you are fully informed and comfortable with your decision to undergo Trilift, you are taking an essential step toward achieving a successful and fulfilling experience.

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