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Restoring Sensation To Your Breasts In Herndon, Virginia

Losing one or both breasts through mastectomy can be overwhelming, which is why many women choose to have reconstructive surgery. Unfortunately, even with reconstruction, women can experience partial to complete numbness in their chest tissue. This can cause women to feel detached from their breasts.

Dr. Ghaznavi is the only physician in Virginia currently offering the ReSensation procedure. Please visit the ReSensation website to learn more about this procedure and read testimonials from real patients.

Why Breasts Lose Sensation

When breast tissue is removed during a mastectomy, the nerves are also severed, leading to a loss of feeling and sensation in the breasts. While some women view this loss of sensation as a nuisance, others suffer emotional distress—the lack of feeling serves as a reminder of the trauma of breast cancer.

Resensation is the first treatment that can restore breast sensation. This surgery has the potential to give women feeling in their breasts again. When sensation is restored to the breasts following mastectomy and reconstruction, most women find that they feel more like themselves again.

What is Resensation?

Resensation is a new technique of nerve repair in the breasts. This nerve repair can be done as part of breast reconstruction surgery after a mastectomy. Using allograft nerve tissue, Resensation connects the nerves in the chest to the nerves in reconstructed breast tissue to restore feeling and sensation in the breasts.

Using a specialized technique to reconnect nerves in the skin to nerves in the chest wall can rebuild communication channels, and eventually, breast sensation may return. Nerves are tiny and delicate, so a surgeon must be skilled in advanced microsurgery techniques to perform this complex procedure. Dr. Ghaznavi is uniquely qualified to offer this procedure.

When Is Resensation Done?

Reconstruction with Resensation can be done at the same time as the mastectomy or at a later date. Resensation may also be used as part of a revision surgery of a previous implant reconstruction.

Benefits of Breast Resensation

Nerves are a warning system for the body, alerting it to potential harm and damage. Many women report feeling physically safer after surgery.

Resensation restores feeling to the breasts and can help increase for reconstruction results. When sensation returns, women often feel more confident and comfortable in their appearance.

Many patients have reported positive mental health benefits after breast reconstruction with Resensation.

Because the body experiences so many changes, reconstruction after breast cancer can be difficult. Resensation can help women feel better about their new bodies, leading to a happier life.

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