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Helping You Look The Way You Feel

AMG Plastic Surgery provides an extensive array of cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries in Northern Virginia. Whether you are interested in learning more about breast augmentation, body contouring liposuction, brow lift, facelift, facial reconstruction, or other plastic surgery services. We offer surgical and nonsurgical procedures for the breasts, body, face and skin.

Get The Best Look With The Best Function

Unlike most plastic surgeons that focus either on just the aesthetic or just the function, often at the expense of the other, Dr. Ghaznavi’s training and skill allow him to optimize his procedures and plastic surgery services to give you the best look with the best function. His unmatched skill and mastery of both the aesthetic and the functional sides of surgery set him apart. Since each patient is an individual piece of art, he uses his extraordinary skills to help them enhance their natural beauty.


Breast enhancement procedures can help men and women who are unhappy with the size or shape of their current breasts. Breast enhancement refers to a conglomerate of plastic surgeries that alter the breasts in some way. For men, it may mean reducing the tissue in the breasts, which can result from hormones or weight change, and make men feel self-conscious. For women, it may mean enlarging, lifting or reducing the breasts.


Body sculpting describes many procedures that can help you achieve the body shape and appearance you desire. If you have bulges of fat that just will not go away, or loose, saggy skin, body contouring can help. While these procedures are not a substitute for a healthy lifestyle, body contouring is the perfect complement to dieting and exercise. Body sculpting refers to a selection of procedures designed to shape your body and appearance to that which you desire. Body sculpting creates ideal contours, offering the youthful, toned physique you’ve always wanted.


Aging and disliked facial features can mask the real you, giving an impression that doesn’t express how you truly feel. As the face ages, the inevitable folds, wrinkles, and fine lines spring up, alongside issues such as loose skin and shrinking facial fat. These all have the effect of creating a tired appearance, but a facelift can reduce the signs of facial aging and make you look like yourself again. There are many facial plastic surgery procedures that can help you look years younger or give you a renewed look.


At AMG Plastic Surgery in Herndon, VA, we understand how important it is for patients to feel comfortable and proud of the skin they are in. We are pleased to offer gender affirmation surgery to help our transgender and non-binary patients transition to their chosen gender identity. Our team fosters a safe, empathetic and judgment-free environment, so you can feel comfortable and confident throughout every step of the treatment process.


Under the guidance of board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ghaznavi, our advanced non-surgical treatment facility offers the latest in cosmetic enhancement in a warm and relaxing setting. With the help of our experienced team, we provide many minimally invasive solutions, with no downtime and no scarring to help you safely achieve your aesthetic goals. We offer a wide range of treatment options to help you maintain glowing skin and a youthful appearance.


Over the past few years, there has been an increased demand from men requesting plastic surgery. Some of this may be related to baby boomers who have taken good care of themselves and desire to look as good as they feel. Or maybe it’s that men don’t want their wife to look better than they do after she has undergone facial rejuvenation procedures, so they request surgery as well. Whatever the reason, Dr. Ghaznavi can help you look the way you want.


Reconstructive plastic surgery is usually performed to improve function but may also be performed to approximate a normal appearance. In general, reconstructive surgery is performed on abnormal structures of the body that may be caused by trauma, infection, developmental or congenital abnormalities or disease. Rebuilding your breasts after mastectomy to reconstructing your face or leg, we want to help you look, function and feel as normal as possible.


“Dr. Ghaznavi is amazing. Great staff and immaculate office. I can’t say enough great things about them…just the best!”

“Dr.Ghaznavi is the best surgeon you can ever go to for care! I followed him from Florida to Virginia for specialized surgery. I will be seeing him in the future too! He is caring and compassionate. His office is great, Pam is so helpful. Please don’t hesitate to see this fantastic, skilled surgeon!”

“Dr. Gahznavi and his assistant put my mind at ease prior to the procedure, during the procedure and after. Aftercare was explained thoroughly and during procedure, I was given step by step what the doctor was doing.”

“Dr. Gahznavi is an amazing and caring person. He listens and reacts in a way that makes you feel heard. I am also very satisfied with all my procedures.”


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