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Removing Your Implant And Scar Tissue In One Piece

In most cases of breast implant rupture, capsular contracture, scarring from capsular contracture, or implant displacement to the chest wall, an en bloc capsulectomy can safely remove an implant and help return the breasts to health. Dr. Ghaznavi can help you decide what is best for your situation.

What Is En Bloc Capsulectomy?

En bloc capsulectomy is a surgical procedure in which a breast implant is removed with the scar tissue that surrounds the implant, also known as the breast capsule. During this procedure, the implant and the capsule are removed together all in one piece. This differs from a traditional capsulectomy procedure, which only removes either the anterior (front) or posterior (back) portion of the scar tissue. One of the greatest benefits of the procedure is that it prevents scar tissue from coming into contact with existing healthy tissues, helping to prevent implant toxicity and breast implant illness. 

This complex procedure requires great surgical precision to perform. The procedure should only be done by a a surgeon like Dr. Ghaznavi who has advanced training and experience in en bloc explant techniques.

What Are The Risks Of En Bloc Capsulectomy?

En bloc capsulectomy is a complex procedure and is more involved than standard implant removal. The breast capsule is very small and delicate, and therefore requires more attention to detail, precision and time to complete. The capsule must be carefully removed from the adjacent tissue in the muscles, breasts and/or ribs. This tissue may be damaged during removal, leading to increased soreness and bleeding. If patients have implants replaced in the future, the removal of the scar tissue can make it difficult to place the implant. 

Benefits Of En Bloc Capsulectomy

One of the primary benefits is that it results in less scarring. With traditional capsulectomy surgery, the surgeon must make multiple incisions in order to remove the implant and either the anterior or posterior component of the capsule. Because the capsule is removed in its entirety during an en bloc capsulectomy, the procedure can be performed through a single incision, making it less invasive and less scarring.

The procedure can also reduce capsular contracture (scar tissue formation). Due to the complete removal of the implant and its surrounding scar tissue, there is less chance of developing capsular contracture in the future.

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Recovery From En Bloc Capsulectomy

To prevent fluid buildup, Dr. Ghaznavi will leave drains in place until the area begins to heal. Typically, patients report minimal pain and quick recoveries following the surgery. However, patients also report more pain than breast augmentation. Most people report feeling much better within a week or so. However, it is essential to follow Dr. Ghaznavi’s post-operative instructions carefully to ensure a smooth and speedy recovery.

Make sure to wear support bra for several weeks. During this time, try not to lift anything heavy or do strenuous exercise. Refrain from sexual activity until your doctor says it is safe, and avoid soaking in the tub or swimming for at least six weeks post-surgery.


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