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Improving Facial Symmetry and Nose Proportions

AMG Plastic Surgery in Herndon, VA is proud to offer rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty, also colloquially known as a “nose job,” is a procedure that changes the shape of the nose. Changing the shape of the nose can improve overall facial symmetry and nose proportions. In many cases, patients who suffer from a deviated septum or have difficulty breathing through their nose may seek a rhinoplasty procedure to open up the airways.

Rhinoplasty Consultation In Northern Virginia

Any rhinoplasty procedure will begin with a consultation with Dr. Ghaznavi to discuss your current issues or concerns about your nose, and what your goals are. This initial consultation will include:

  • Review of your medical history

  • Comprehensive physical exam

  • Review of your goals and expectations

If Dr. Ghaznavi determines you are a good candidate for rhinoplasty, he will develop a customized treatment and surgery plan to achieve your aesthetic or medical goals. There are three main components of the nose that are considered during a rhinoplasty procedure. These include:

  • Nose bone or bridge

  • Cartilage

  • Skin

Depending on your goals, Dr. Ghaznavi may change one or all components of the nose during a rhinoplasty procedure.

Rhinoplasty Procedure

Rhinoplasty procedures do not require an overnight stay; therefore, on the day of your procedure, you will need to arrange to have someone drive you home. During the procedure, Dr. Ghaznavi will either administer general anesthesia, so that you sleep during the procedure, or use localized anesthesia on the affected area. If using localized anesthesia, you will be awake, but you will not feel the procedure.

Depending on the type of rhinoplasty procedure you are getting, Dr. Ghaznavi will make incisions into the nostrils to reshape the bone, cartilage or skin to your desired results.

Recovery From Rhinoplasty Procedure

Rhinoplasty procedures do not require an overnight stay; therefore, on the day of your procedure, you will need to arrange to have someone drive you home. Following the procedure, you will be transferred to a recovery room and monitored by the AMG Plastic Surgery team to ensure you recover safely from the anesthesia and the surgery. Once you are discharged, you will be asked to follow a series of post-op instructions and will be debriefed on what to expect. Post-op expectations include:

Following the procedure, you will need to rest with your head elevated above your chest. This will reduce bleeding and swelling.

Even with elevation, your nose will swell slightly, causing congestion. It is also normal for your nose to bleed or drain mucus for the first few days following the procedure. Use clean gauze to catch any drainage from the nose.

It is normal for the nose and surrounding areas to look blue, black and/or bruised for the first few weeks after the procedure.

If spending time outdoors, be sure to apply sunscreen to the nose.

Avoid strenuous activities following the surgery, wear button-down shirts rather than shirts that must be pulled over your head, take baths rather than showers and be gentle when brushing your teeth.

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Benefits of Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty procedures have both aesthetic and medical benefits. Benefits include:

  • Smooths bumps or depressions on the nose bridge

  • Improves nose shape due to a nose injury or birth defect

  • Makes the face more symmetrical

  • Improves nose proportions for overall facial balance

  • Corrects breathing issues due to a deviated septum or another nose defect

If you are interested in rhinoplasty, let’s chat! Call our office in Herndon, VA at (703) 239-3190 or request an appointment on our website.


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