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Soft Tissue Reconstruction To Protect Underlying Structures

Following injury or surgery, patients may require soft tissue reconstruction of the lower leg to improve leg function and reduce the risk of infections and other complications. AMG Plastic Surgery proudly collaborates with physicians, trauma surgeons and orthopedic specialists to ensure you receive comprehensive treatment.

Types Of Injuries That May Need Reconstruction

After a traumatic leg injury, Dr. Ghaznavi may need to close an open wound to reduce the risk of infection and facilitate healing. The method of reconstruction can vary—in some cases, a skin graft can close the wound, whereas in more extreme cases, a muscle transfer may be required.

Reconstruction surgery may be an option for people whose leg is affected by

  • Traumatic injury

  • Non-healing wound

  • Infection or other condition that has caused soft tissue loss

  • Surgery to remove a tumor

  • Nerve damage

  • Post-amputation concerns

Types Of Surgical Techniques

A technique that uses a microscope to reconnect blood vessels or nerves and repair other tissues.

A technique that moves healthy, live tissue from one location on your body to another, typically to areas that have lost skin, fat, muscle or bone.

Surgery to restore blood flow and nerve activity after a traumatic injury or blood clot.

Dr. Ghaznavi specializes in performing these surgical techniques, requiring technical skill and training. If your medical team determines that you may require amputation, Dr. Ghaznavi will work with the other members of your health care team to preserve as much soft tissue as possible.


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