Revisional Breast Reconstruction

Revisional Breast Reconstruction

Regain Your Self-Confidence

AMG Plastic Surgery specializes in repairing past breast reconstruction to help breast cancer patients regain their self-confidence. Helping patients feel whole and beautiful again is our specialty and sometimes that means correcting breast reconstruction results from previous surgeries with the best breast reconstruction revision surgery available.


Why You May Need Revisional Breast Reconstruction

Emotionally and aesthetically pleasing breasts are the ultimate goal of breast reconstruction surgery. If your reconstructed breasts do not look or feel the way you envisioned, you may be a candidate for revision surgery. Dr. Ghaznavi wants you to know that there is still hope for improving your breasts. Our board certified plastic surgeon combines industry-leading approaches with attention to aesthetic detail to offer transformative results through breast revision.

Some of the common complaints from breast reconstruction include:

  • A breast size that is smaller or larger than what you prefer
  • An unnatural breast shape
  • Incorrect breast position
  • Breast asymmetry
  • Abnormal surface contour
  • Poorly-concealed scarring
  • Pain or discomfort
  • Excessive implant movement during exercise
  • A ruptured implant
  • Visible implant rippling
  • Infection or cellulitis
  • Unpleasant tightness or hardness around an implant

Reconstruction Go Wrong

There are a number of reasons why these issues can occur:

  • Radiation therapy performed after implant placement can affect the implant and the surrounding tissue
  • Radiation can lead to capsular contracture, a complication where the natural scar tissue around an implant begins to shrink or thicken
  • Skill and experience of your original breast reconstruction

Patients should be at least six months out from their initial breast reconstruction procedure before pursuing revision surgery. This gives the breast adequate time to heal, the implants to settle into position, and all swelling to resolve.

Surgical Techniques for Revision Breast Reconstruction

Improvements can be made whether your reconstruction involved implants or your own transplanted tissue (autologous reconstruction). Revisions of a breast involving autologous tissue are some of the most artistically challenging surgeries in breast reconstruction, making the patient’s choice of plastic surgeon especially important.

The technique used for a revision breast reconstruction will vary, depending on the reasons for revision and the patient’s desired results. Sometimes revision breast reconstruction will be performed in stages, involving more than one operation to optimize healing and results. During the consultation, Dr. Ghaznavi will determine the exact technique needed to improve the breast and provide the most natural looking results.

Benefits Of Revision Surgery

  • Improvement of breast asymmetry
  • Improvement of unfavorable scarring
  • Better aesthetic and natural appearance of breasts
  • Better feel of breasts
  • Correction of breast implant complications such as displacement, capsular contracture or rupture
  • Restored happiness with your appearance


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