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Using Implants To Change The Shape Of Your Face

In recent years there has been an increase in the popularity of facial surgery procedures. People opt for surgery to enhance themselves and provide instantaneous gratification since it is now possible to go back to work or attend engagements within a few days. Improving facial harmony is one of the ultimate goals of facial plastic surgery. In some cases, augmentation of the cheeks or chin can be the best solution to balance the proportions of your facial features and generally refine your appearance.

Cheek Augmentation In Herndon, Virginia

Cheek augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that can improve the appearance of the cheeks. Although cheek augmentation can be performed using injectable fillers, implants are generally longer lasting than fillers. Several different techniques can be used, and the best option for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences.

Cheek augmentation surgery can help give you a more youthful appearance, and it can also help to correct problems such as asymmetry or deficiencies in volume. If you are considering cheek augmentation surgery, it is important to consult with a qualified surgeon who can help you choose the best technique for your needs.

Reasons To Have Cheek Augmentation Surgery

There are many reasons why someone might choose to undergo cheek augmentation surgery, including:

  • Sunken cheeks

  • Asymmetrical cheeks

  • Age-related changes in the face

  • Lack of sufficient volume in the cheeks

Cheek Augmentation Procedure

Cheek augmentation is most commonly performed using implants inserted through an injected incision or via a hidden incision inside the mouth. Incisions done in this way are virtually unnoticeable. Surgeons generally prefer silicone implants for cheek augmentation because they are less likely to shift or ripple than saline ones, and therefore heal more easily. Implants are available in various shapes and sizes. Some cheek implants are designed with thick edges or projections so that the cheeks retain their natural contours. Other implants have smooth surfaces to allow for a more dramatic augmentation of the appearance of the face.

Chin Augmentation

One of the most common facial surgeries is chin augmentation surgery, which many people seek out to improve their jawlines and create a stronger profile with fewer facial obstructions. Chin augmentation surgery is a surgical procedure to increase the size of your chin. It can also correct a receding chin or make it more prominent. Chin enhancement surgery reshapes the jaw and may involve removing excess tissue from under the skin and repositioning muscles to create an improved profile.

Reasons To Have Chin Augmentation Surgery

Having strong facial features such as a sharp jawline and prominent chin can make a person look more masculine and confident, which many people desire to express themselves. In addition, the chin is an important facial feature that helps frame the face and give it symmetry. There are several reasons why someone might choose to undergo chin augmentation surgery.

  • Increasing the size of the chin

  • Increasing the definition of the chin

  • Correct a receding chin

  • Improve the overall harmony of the facial features

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Chin Augmentation Surgery Procedure

Chin augmentation can be performed using implants or injectable fillers, but implants are generally longer lasting than injectable fillers. When chin augmentation surgery is done with implants, the surgeon will make an incision under the chin or inside the mouth. Through this incision, the cosmetic surgeon creates space for the chin implant and fits it around the chin bone. He will then secure the implant in place.

Chin implant surgery alone typically takes less than 1 hour to perform; however, if you have additional procedures, operating time will increase accordingly. Following surgery, the incision is closed with sutures, and the chin may be bandaged.


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